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Today many people around the world are making money online through affiliate marketing on various platforms even without a blog like Amazon etc. But do you know that you can also use Pinterest, a popular social media platform attracting lots of traffic these days, for this purpose? In this write-up, you will know how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. But before discussing the process of affiliate marketing on Pinterest you must know what affiliate marketing is.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money in the form of commission on sales by promoting the products and services offered by other companies to sell online. To start affiliate marketing you will have to find a reliable affiliate program and sign up with it. Then you will be provided a unique link which you can use to promote the products of your choice like brushes, lipsticks or foundations, etc. If someone clicks on your link to purchase some of the products marketed by you then you will earn a certain fraction of the sales amount as commission which can be anywhere from 3-100% depending on various factors.

Finding an affiliate program

In order to start affiliate marketing, you should, first of all, find a reliable affiliate program. You can find a number of affiliate programs online like Amazon affiliates, Clickbank, ShareASale and Commission Junction, etc. Some of these affiliate programs are managed by the businesses themselves whereas others can participate in the networks of affiliate marketing. So, you can find a good affiliate either by visiting the website of the company directly like Google, etc. or join an affiliate network to access the database of a number of affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, and Pinterest, etc. Affiliate networks allow you to promote the products of various companies.

Does Pinterest allow for Affiliate Links without A Blog?

Now when you have decided to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog, it becomes necessary to know whether Pinterest allows for affiliate marketing or not. Affiliate links were banned by Pinterest in 2015 due to increasing incidents of spamming. But now they know how to handle spammers, hence they have lifted the ban.

How to perform Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest without A Blog

The process of affiliate marketing on interest without a blog has been made easier with the help of the steps provided here under.

1. Sign up and set up your account

If you do not have an account with Pinterest then you should sign up by giving your details and open a business account with this platform. While completing your profile you will have to choose your niche so that you can promote the products of your niche instead of promoting any product. You can choose your niche from beauty, DIY, travel, weight loss, fashion, food, and fitness, etc. You should fill the niche of your choice in your profile and stick to it. For instance, if your niche is beauty then you will have to add it in your profile and you will be allowed to promote beauty related products on Pinterest.

2. Join your niche affiliate programs

You can easily find affiliate programs of your niche just by typing “(your niche) affiliate programs” in the search box of Google. You will get a list of affiliate programs of your niche. But you must have a website or blog to join most of these affiliate programs. Now when you are searching for an affiliate program without a blog then you should focus your search in this regard. JVzoo and Clickbank are two of the affiliate programs that do not expect you to have a website or blog to join them. Now to get an affiliate link to promote the products of your niche you should join any of these websites.

3. Design pins

Now to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog, you must design pins for the products you have selected from your niche for affiliate marketing. In order to design attractive pins for Pinterest, you can use free tools like Canva, etc. You can also choose one from template pins or design a new one of your choice to get clicks and increase sales.

4. Start using pins

After designing various pins of your niche you should start pinning the boards relevant to your product. For instance, if you have created pins for the product of your niche “healthy tea” then you should pin the boards like

  • Recipes for healthy tea
  • Health tips
  • Fitness tips
  • Weight loss tips etc.

In order to get faster and effective results, you should create new pins and pin the boards consistently every day.

The process of pinning the boards can be a bit tiring if you are following a manual process. You can automate this system by using tools like Tailwind etc. These tools can save you a lot of time along with increasing the chances to get clicks and increase sales.

Things to consider while affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

While sharing links on Pinterest you should remember a few things like:

Avoid using tools to short URLs: Though short URLs look more attractive but while sharing them with Pinterest you should not shorten them as it is not allowed by Pinterest to use short URLs.

Reveal your affiliate links: Affiliate links have to be disclosed as per the regulations of FTC. It can be done easily on Pinterest by writing #Affiliate after describing the pin while sharing the link on it.

Create several images: In order to get a good exposure, you will have to regularly design new pins. New pins are more preferred by Pinterest than the old pins.

Do not go beyond expectations: You should act moderately while massaging, pinning, or commenting on Pinterest. They can suspend your account if anything is done more than moderate levels.


Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can successfully do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

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