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Due to the increasing number of spammers, Pinterest has banned affiliate marketing in 2015. Now they have again permitted affiliate marketing after using technology to control spammers and modifying their platform. Now you can monetize your blog with the help of affiliate marketing on Pinterest. The information provided in this write-up can help you to know more about Pinterest affiliate marketing and its rules.

Introduction with the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process to promote the products of different companies through your affiliate link offered by an affiliate program. That people can buy them and you make money in the form of commission. Along with this commission, sometimes you can also get some onus from the affiliate program for using the links provided by them. Thus by sharing the products through your affiliate links you not only solve the problems of the readers of your blog but also make money in return.

How to get an affiliate link for Pinterest?

To get affiliate links for affiliate marketing on Pinterest you only have to join the networks containing various individual affiliate programs. You can become an affiliate marketer for several affiliate programs when you join an affiliate network. The popular affiliate networks you can join may include Flexoffers, Impact Radius, and ShareASale, etc.

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Some ideas about affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Some of the most popular niches you can use for your blogs are suggested here under so that you can pin your affiliate products on Pinterest. These products are not limited to the list provided here under. You can choose several other products for affiliate marketing on Pinterest. While finding other products for this purpose, you should think about the type of products your readers may like to purchase.

Some of the popular niche blogs can be:

DIY crafts blogs

You can use such blogs to link the products like craft supplies, inspiration, and tools, etc for some projects in the future.

Mommy Blogs

These blogs can be used to pin clothes of children, snacks for toddlers, stylish children clothes, tasteful stylish pieces for mom from various popular brands, etc.

Coupon or economical blogs

These blogs can be used to share pins for the websites offering cashback, companies offering discounts to save money, stores offering online consignments, bank sites, and sites with daily deals, etc.

Cooking Blogs

These blogs can be used to pin for cookbooks, kitchen tools, appliances, and aprons used in almost every kitchen of your dreams.

Bloggers’ blog

You can pin for some courses in your favorite niche, business tools, email providers, website templates, blog hosting, and scheduler for social media, etc.

Fashion Blogs

The blogs of this niche can be used to pin for the fashion wears of your choices like shorts, shirts, shoes, pants, hats, and sunglasses, etc.

Rules for affiliate marketing with Pinterest

To avoid the reasons for which Pinterest has banned affiliate marketing in 2015, you will have to follow a few rules for affiliate marketing on Pinterest successfully. These rules may include:

Update the pins you already have

To know which pin you can add to your affiliate link you should use your boards. Then you should use the products of your choice to share on your affiliate links. But before focusing on counting the money you have earned you should focus on maintaining the standards and quality of your products.

Disclosure of Pinterest Affiliate Links

While adding your affiliate links to Pinterest it is important to disclose that you are using an affiliate link of an affiliate network while describing your pins. You can mention this disclosure either within or at the end of the description as #affiliate. It will comply with the rules and regulations by FTC as well as affiliate networks.

The description should be strong

The title and description to create for every pin should be to the point. Strongly informative as the pin will be sent to the site of the seller instead of your reviews or blog. You should always disclose your affiliate links even in descriptions of 2-3 sentences. The main reason behind it is that when the users of Pinterest will search for some products these descriptions and titles will help them in finding the products of their choice. Thus, you can improve your sales by creating strong descriptions.

Create multiple images to be pinned

You should use affiliate graphics that can be pinned while promoting your products. But while creating affiliate graphics you should also match it with your brand so that you may look different from other affiliate marketers using the same pins repeatedly.

Avoid being unreasonable

Though making money is your goal for affiliate marketing on Pinterest. But if you use millions of links for this purpose then it will be unreasonable. You should use affiliate links in a very elegant manner. While pinning an affiliate link you should ensure that it should match to the looks, color, style, and aesthetics of your brand. You can easily lose your potential readers and clients by having contradictory pins and boards.

Avoid using short links for affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Though short links look pretty but using them on Pinterest is strictly prohibited according to the policy to use Pinterest.

Use a scheduler to create affiliate pins

While affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you will have to generate pins consistently to attract new clients. It can be tiring to create pins manually. So you can use a Pinterest approved scheduler. Tailwind, to create several affiliate pins for your next use just within a few minutes. To create pins multiple times you can schedule the scheduler just by clicking your mouse a few times.

To schedule affiliate pins for your various boards at a time you can use the “Board Lists” feature of Tailwind. It can save a lot of your time. As it can allow you to add your affiliate pins for more than 30 boards at a time. To use your affiliate links, again and again, you can recycle them by using the SmartLoop feature of Tailwind. By using this feature you will not be spamming. Your affiliate links as it will allow you to reuse your affiliate links once a month only.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest successfully.

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