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In order to make money, online people usually do affiliate marketing with various affiliate programs individually or through affiliate networks. Now Pinterest has also opened its venue for affiliate marketers. After banning it in 2015 due to increasing incidents of using spammy pins. Now they have used the latest technology to control scammers as well as modified their platform for affiliate marketers. If you do not know how to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest then you should read this write-up until the end.

Before discussing the method of Pinterest affiliate marketing you must know what affiliate marketing is?

Introduction with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of making money online by promoting the products of various companies through an affiliate link. You can earn a commission when someone will use your affiliate link to buy the products marketed by you through your link. The commission can be a fixed percentage of the price of the products purchased or a fixed amount of money on every purchase. You can earn a good amount of money through affiliate marketing with Pinterest. Or any other affiliate program if you are serious about it.

How to promote any product through your affiliate link?

You can promote any product through your affiliate link in two different manners, either by sharing your link in your social circle or by writing a blog.

Marketing your affiliate link by using platforms of social media

Today social media platforms are visited by millions of people every day for a long time and this number is increasing progressively. The link of affiliate products can get maximum exposure on these social media networks as these products can reach a large audience very soon.

How to use Pinterest for promoting affiliate links?

The method of using Pinterest to make money online by promoting the products through affiliate marketing links is briefly discussed in this write-up. Pinterest is a social platform that allows its users to post and share new creativities like videos and images to explore new things of their interest.

How to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest?

To do affiliate marketing with Pinterest you will have to follow the steps discussed here under.

Create an account with Pinterest

You should first of all open an account with Pinterest to start promoting your affiliate products. To sign up with Pinterest you can use your Google account or Facebook account instead of providing your details to create a new account with this platform. However, you can start promoting your products directly on Pinterest if you already have an account with it.

Apply with an affiliate program

During affiliate marketing, you have to promote the products of an affiliate program. So for this reason, you must apply with an affiliate program or an affiliate network to get approval. Some of the popular affiliate networks may include MaxBounty, Clickbank, CJ, or JV zoo, etc. These networks can allow you to get many products of your interest to promote. From these networks you can choose one of your interests, to apply to get affiliate links. You can use the affiliate links provided by the affiliate networks to promote the products of your choice on Pinterest.

Promoting affiliate products on Pinterest

You can start promoting your affiliate products on Pinterest after having an account with this platform and a link to promote affiliate products. You will have to pin the images of the product you want to promote by using the platform of Pinterest.

For every affiliate product to be promoted on Pinterest you should create several boards and save creative pins on them.

Effective description with pin

With every pin or re-pin posted by you, Pinterest allows you to post an effective description. This description in the post should include relevant keywords about the products you are promoting. To make it easier for the searchers to find them on the result pages.

Lots of Pins

According to the Pinterest algorithm, you must provide a large number of pins and re-pins with every product so that users can easily see them on the boards you have created for the products you are promoting on Pinterest. You should post pins and re-pins regularly on these boards. To keep the users of Pinterest engaged and increase the chances of sales as well as earning a commission. In order to keep your account and profile with Pinterest updated you will have to re-pin the post of the users regularly.

How to create creative pins?

Though you can create creative pins and re-pins manually but it can be a time-consuming and tiring method. So to save your time and efforts you can use various tools like Canva, Crello, PinGroupie, Tailwind, or PinFollow to create attractive and creative pins automatically.

However, it is not necessary to use your own pins every time as you can also re-pin the pins used by other users or by you earlier.

Tailwind is a scheduler tool approved by Pinterest. The pins provided by this tool are not considered spammy. It can provide you several pins at a time to use next time. You can use your mouse to program the scheduler for providing pins multiple times for your affiliate line with just a few clicks.

You can use a few unique features of Tailwind to speed up the process of creating attractive pins like:

Board List: This feature of Tailwind will allow you to create affiliate pins for a number of boards at a time. You can feed a list of more than 30 boards to create affiliate pins for them in the shortest time. In this way, it saves a lot of your time also.

SmartLoop: You can use this feature of Tailwind to use your already used pins again and again by recycling them. This feature will allow you to use your re-pins without spamming your links once in a month.

Thus, you can do affiliate marketing with Pinterest by using the tips discussed in this write-up and start making money online. You can make a good amount of commission if you take affiliate marketing seriously.

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