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Amazon was among the first affiliate programs available online. Affiliate programs are business arrangements where a user can sign up to sell somebody else’s products. If you are a user and sell their product, the company which makes the product gives you a portion of the profits for the work you’ve done. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of Amazon affiliate earnings.

In other terms, you become a salesperson moving products as the user. Instead of moving it from one door to the next or in a retail shop, you do it online via websites, blogs, and various other media.

Despite there being many affiliate programs these days, Amazon merits its special mention as it is a different giant in comparison to the old affiliate marketing programs.

What Is Amazon Affiliate?

As earlier mentioned, to join the Amazon affiliate program, you have to visit Amazon’s Associate’s Program page. On this associates program page, you can sign up for free. Usually, Amazon will want you to have a website already. However, the website can be nearly anything before amazon approves you. However, generally, anybody is accepted.

Once they approve you, they will give you a back office where you can log in.

These back offices are the headquarters for each Amazon affiliate. As an Amazon affiliate, you can view all your analytics, the number of sales you have made, the products you have sold, and so much more. Additionally, you may create tracking links here. Building Amazon links is a vital step to productive sales.

When you are an Amazon affiliate, you can sell any product as long as Amazon sells it, and they will offer you a portion of the profits.

How do you make Amazon affiliate earnings?

The steps for promoting Amazon products are quite easy to follow. Once you are approved for an Amazon affiliate account, all that is needed of you is logging in to your back office and search for the products you wish to promote.

A more straightforward way through which you can find the correct products for your website is using This is similar to the steps you’d follow when shopping on the platform.

Once you spot a product you wish to promote, scroll down until you get the ASIN number. There is an ASIN number on every Amazon product. Copy and paste the ASIN number into your affiliate back office. The product will pop up and grant you to get a unique affiliate link.


When you get the ASIN, you only enter it in the Quick Product search bar. Search, and your item will appear right below it. You will then click on the yellow “Get Link” button to have your real affiliate link.

You can quickly identify the part of the HTML that is your affiliate link, as it will display a tracking link based on your account’s name.

This is the same link that you will use on your real money website to link to the item. Once your site visitors click on the link and they visit Amazon, Amazon will cookie them. The cookie will last for 24 hours.

This means that even if the visitor did not purchase the item you were linking to, but opted to purchase another item, you still earn cash for the period 24-hour cookie period of the cookie.

The more people you have clicking on your affiliate link, the more people Amazon “cookies” and the more sales you could possibly make.

Amazon will then pay you on a sliding scale, on the basis of the number of general items you have sold out that month. However, there are a few categories of products that are not in the “general” category. Electronics, for instance, are imbursed at a flat rate of 4 percent.

How much would you make from the Azon affiliate program?

You may earn between $100 and $25000 from the Amazon affiliate program. However, it would be wise to answer the question of making Amazon affiliate earnings in more than one sentence. To calculate your earnings have to take various variables into consideration.

  • What could be your commission rate?
  • How many visitors will click your affiliate links?
  • Figure how many people can be real buyers.
  • Additionally, estimate the average price the buyers may spend
  • How much traffic can a website expect?
  • What would you do to make more Amazon affiliate earnings?

It is advisable to be creative. Create unique stuff. Do the unthinkable. You do not have to follow anybody, even if they are successful. Follow the untrodden path. You can build your name with unique content, website design, and all you can.

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Are there any benefits of joining the Amazon affiliate program?

1. It is easy to get started on this program.

To begin with, you are charged no fee to apply for this program. You need to apply. Before you start the process of application, Amazon requires you to have a website. After choosing your niche, building your site, and getting prospective growth, you can apply for it.

2. The cost is low.

As mentioned before, Amazon does not charge you anything for the application of the program. However, there is a certain amount of cash you will have to spend for your own sake. You need a domain and hosting. These two tools that you need for building your website are not costly.

3. Amazon, as a company, is established.

When getting started on Amazon, you are interacting with an amazingly comprehensive e-commerce trust that has been in existence for long and has earned itself tremendous authority and confidence. It’d never be a challenge to promote an Amazon product.

4. Amazon is applicable for any niche.

Through Amazon, millions of items are sold out. Additionally, Amazon is known to be the most significant site for e-commerce globally.

However, before you get started on the Amazon affiliate program, you must understand that the competition here is stiff. However, the advantage lies in the fact that the industry is too large. Therefore, you will always find something to pick on—all the best as you plan to start on the Amazon affiliate program. Good luck!

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