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Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest

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Can we post Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest? With the pass of the years, Pinterest has earnest a lot of popularity on the internet for being a reliable and enjoyable social media to put some photos or images, creative ideas, DIY creations, and so much more! And those who get an insanely large amount of views and visits in their posts want to make some profit out of these situations. The author can do a lot of things to make some money on Pinterest!

However, one of the most reliable methods without any doubt is the Amazon Affiliate’s Programm. Where you can add some of these affiliate links to gain some percentage of someone’s purchase. This concept is what we call Affiliate Marketing! You post a link of determination product based on your post’s topic and then, if you have a large community on Pinterest, a lot of people will feel interested and confident in getting that stuff in their hands as soon as possible! However, is this method possible at all in sites like Pinterest? Let’s discover the answer right now!

Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest: It’s Possible or not?

In simple words, yes, of course, it’s possible to add some of these links on Pinterest! What you should be asking is what kind of social media or website doesn’t accept this wonderful program these days? Because there are only a few who don’t allow it! However, this isn’t something that everyone can use so casual and they make money just like that, no, sadly, nothing in this world can be so easy! But don’t let that destroy your passion! Be optimistic and work with dedication every day to see outstanding results at the end of the month.

Great, It’s Possible! But How Can I Start Using these Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

Using these affiliate links is a piece of cake! It can’t be easier than already is! You just need your website or blog to do this procedure without any further complications. The first step will be registering your blog to your personal Amazon Associates account, if you don’t have one, then create it as soon as possible! You’ll need it in a lot of situations.

Then, make sure to add your Pinterest account URL to the “site lists” and register your Pinterest account into your Amazon Associates Account! Surely this sounds complicated and difficult, but you just need to everything in a passionate way to avoid any mistake.

As a recommendation, NEVER use link shorteners with these affiliate links, use the natural link that Amazon provides you! Don’t try to go on the easy path, remember, you have to make everything with dedication and effort to be proud of yourself at the end of this journey.

Also, be aware of the copyright that can be present in some images and photos! Be intelligent enough to not use by any circumstance the photos that appear in Amazon’s review of the product. You’ll get in serious problems. Use original images that can be found in some places of the internet that are based on this topic, providing good quality stuff free of copyright to help people with this kind of problem!

Adding Amazon Affiliate Links to Pinterest: The Whole Procedure Explained.

After you have successfully registered on the Amazon’s Associates Programm, congrats! Everything will be so much easy in the last part of this procedure that will create some profit if your community appreciated your effort and if your passion is above anything else! You just have to be confident enough and everything will be a piece of cake! So, let’s begin with the explanation.

Step #1: Creating a Pin.

The first step will be the easiest, you just have to add a pin that everyone in your community will see, to do this, you just have to click the “plus” button that is located on the page where you administrate your Pinterest account, or you can also select the option “create a pin” don’t be afraid of messing this up, both options will end in the same thing!

Ho ho ho… Pinterest affiliate marketing course can help you to skyrocket your affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Step #2: Titles and Keywords, the Definitive Combination.

To gain a lot of attraction with that specific pin, try to use the main keyword of the product. In that way, if someone wants to buy it in any time, they can find it without searching in the deepest sites of the internet, this is very appreciated so just do it. As a recommendation, break the title into parts that make sense. For example, begin with the most relevant keyword, that should be the product’s name. Then continue with the author or brand information and so on, in this way, you can appear in the first options on Pinterest. Remember, that you’re not the only one person in this world who wants to sell that product. Be relaxed and results will come to you in no time.

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Step #3: It’s time to use an Image!

Like it has been said before, avoid using stolen images or photos from other sites like the official Amazon’s site. This is a clear violation of the Program Policies and Operating Agreement that this tool has. So avoid getting in problems just because you didn’t want to search enough! Remember, everything good will came if you’re cheerful and passionate enough!

Step #4: Time to Build a Description!

You need to build a proper and wonderful description for your pin, to achieve this. You’ll have to use some secondary keywords that can attract lots of possible customers. By increasing the chance of being searched on Pinterest. Make sure that you NEVER forget to say that you’re using an affiliate link because it’s required by law and you don’t want to get involved in any problem with the “superiors” right? Always walk for the peaceful way!

Step #5: Add the Affiliate Link.

This will be the final step of this wonderful adventure, but since you’re not going to add only one affiliate link in your whole life, this procedure has to become a part of your schedule! It will be repeated in so many circumstances in the future hopefully! So, to add the link in question, you have the insert the Amazon’s link that is provided in your Amazon’s Associates account! So you have to download the link in that place. You just can’t put a regular link in the pin, otherwise, you’ll not gain anything! Stay safe, and follow the rules to gain some money out of your passion! Good luck.

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