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Are you planning to begin affiliate marketing on Instagram? Then, it is one of the smart moves on Instagram. With this visual platform, you can connect to active users over 1 billion. This platform helps you partner and reach a profitably huge audience. There are several affiliate marketing programs and one of the fetching affiliate programs is the Amazon affiliate program. Becoming an Amazon affiliate on Instagram is one of the most popular money making strategies to make it big and grow with your business.

Affiliate Marketing- what is it?

Affiliate marketing is to sign up with a fetching and well-known brand or company to promote their products or services for them.

The company can either provide a discount code or a link that can be tracked. This is like marketing for them through your account/platform through an affiliate link provided to you by the company.

Affiliate marketing networks provide their commission either through the number of clicks, the number of sales made, or referrals.

Anyone who clicks signs up or purchases your service or product through your link, you are paid a commission. Affiliate marketing has 4 primary players-the the affiliate network, brand, customer, and affiliate marketer.

Why an Affiliate link?

The affiliate link tracks the number of clicks and the number of sales that are done through your affiliate link to generate your commission foolproof.

Which is the right affiliate program?

With so many affiliate programs to sign up, how to choose the right and profitable one for you? Affiliate marketing programs are best to be selected in your niche that you are following on Instagram.

The niche can include fashion, fitness, cooking, and so on. This way your content and your product are related to your audience and it is easier to sell the services and products of the affiliate program.

Your content and your products both should be meant to help the user. Several businesses offer affiliate programs that have a broad assortment of products, businesses, and services for promotion.

Marketing by being an Amazon affiliate on Instagram will reach a wide range of audiences. When you market Amazon products and services, Amazon pays you a little profit on the purchases made through your Instagram account.

Thus, your Instagram account turns into a money-making platform. Amazon affiliate program offers products/services on a different niche to choose from.

Why use Instagram for Amazon affiliate marketing?

  • Instagram permits the monetization of social media.
  • Insta has video and image features to display and sell affiliate marketing products.
  • Instagram is free
  • Instagram is an effective visual platform to drive huge traffic and turn them to customers for your affiliate products.
  • This is an easy way to reach potential customers. Thousands of users are at reach on Instagram and several influencers to partner with. This way you can make more sales on more products. In turn, it gives you more scope to make good money.
  • Instagram is an organic platform. It leans on authenticity and genuineness.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

You can always choose the area which interests you and connects you with your audience. Sign up with the amazon affiliate program to become an amazon affiliate.

Sign up with Amazon’s Affiliate program-Amazon Associates. They associate with lots of products that you can promote through your Instagram account.

The process of signing up is easy and they give 10 percent to each referral sale done. Once you sign up, an exclusive product affiliate link is provided to you.

This link can be promoted through your Instagram account. You can provide the link in the description or through your Instagram story.

For both the marketing strategies, you must have a decent number of followers to your Instagram account. It is recommended to build your audience in a single niche to generate good sales.

Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram-What not to miss?

  • You can get one clickable link by putting it in your profile page/bio by Instagram. You can place your affiliate link here.
  • Instagram description allows any number of links to be added, but what you should not miss is that the links are not clickable. So, your followers cannot click the link to access the product page.
  • Amazon’s affiliate link has to be linked to your registered website, which is directed through your Instagram account. What not to miss is that your website should be registered or it is not counted. This is your Instagram landing page.
  • At least 500 followers are required on your Instagram account to be considered for the Amazon affiliate program. When you get 10K Instagram followers, you get a feature of swipe up. This feature will permit redirection to the landing page.

How to market Amazon affiliate links through Instagram?

Link display

Linking opportunities are less in Instagram. So, you have to play around this clickable link. Provide the best earning product affiliate link in your bio and add in emoticons to brighten up.

An action call to check the link and updating the bio link by promoting the most popular, recent products or most useful and so on can be done.

You can also place a webpage link where you have your affiliate links for display. Affiliate links are allowed on IGTV descriptions, Instagram stories, and Instagram bio link.

Overlaying text

You can overlay affiliate links on images by shortening the link using Using long affiliate links on images will ruin the look of the image. Use coupons as a text overlay for the products wherever given.


Promote Instagram post or Instagram story by adding a link to the post.

Join a program

Another way to promote your affiliate link is to join reward style program that permits monetization of your Instagram account. This will allow users to access the products through your Instagram posts.


Being an Amazon affiliate on Instagram will fetch you a wide range of customers and optimum sales of their products.

This can be done through affiliate links and discount codes for the products you are associating your Instagram account with.

Through these links, the commission rate is set for the sales, clicks, and referrals made. Your products should be related to your content and your followers to make the affiliate marketing success.

With a good number of followers, you will be able to make good money with Amazon affiliate through Instagram.

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