Can you Make Money on Pinterest?

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Pinterest is one of the most important and famous photo-sharing networks that currently exist, in which you can find photos about literally anything! And since this network has been increasing their amount of users at a great pace with the pass of the years, you should stop looking at it like if it’s another social media that only can distract you from other important things because you can start gaining some income with the help of some reliable methods that will be shared on the next list, also, you can find some tips and recommendations to build up a reliable source of money at the end of the month! The question is: Can you make money on pinterest? So, let’s begin.

Can you Make Money on Pinterest?

In simple words, yes, of course, you can! However, it’s not like Pinterest will pay you for being just a common user at the end of the month! You need to build a community first! But this isn’t so easy for a lot of people because there are millions of users on this network, so you can expect a lot of competence. However, you shouldn’t let that fact to destroy your passion! If you’re confident and passionate enough then everything will be smooth as ever, and also, with these methods and practices, you can build everything so much faster and effectively! So, stay tuned because you will learn how to make money on Pinterest.

1- Build an Audience to Start Selling Content to them!

This is by far the most important recommendation that any professional can give to you because, once you have a community everything will be easier if you have lots of followers, then marketers will contact you to create an offer in which you’ll promote their services or products while gaining money thanks to this sponsorship, and that’s it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, as it has been said before, there are lots of competence, so you need to build a very passionate and joyful community that will support you on anything to start gaining some real income.

The key to achieve this is sticking to your passion, you just need to look for something that is becoming more popular with the pass of the time, in this way, your content will reach more users, and if it’s good enough they will follow your account. Later, you can add a mailing list in which users will know what products they should buy to obtain better results in their activities, for example, if you’re building a fitness community then everything will be so much easy because you just need to promote some quality proteins and products that can help with the exercises.

2- Use SEO to get Found on Pinterest:

If your content isn’t reaching enough amount of users, be calm, maintain your positive toughs, and start using a reliable SEO source on your boards, in this way, your community will be more famous since it will appear on the first pages of results in Google as well on Pinterest, which means that your content will reach to a major number of people.

To do this, you can make a profit of your profile on Pinterest! In which you can build a description of 200 characters, so, you must be cheerful, clear, and descriptive while using keywords that people will put on google’s search engine to look for something. Also, use SEO in your pins’ descriptions by naturally adding some keywords and links, remember, you don’t want to create a crappy text that is empty of content, right?

3- Promote Products and look for Sponsors: That’s Can you Make Money on Pinterest

When you finished building an active community on Pinterest, congratulations! Everything will be so much easier now. The next step will depend on how much confidence you have because you can either ask for some sponsorships with companies related to your community’s topic or you can just build a list of recommended products inserting affiliate links, this tactic is known as promotion of affiliate products, in which small companies will promote their products to your community! In this way you can gain a small commotion per sale, it’s a good way to build your enthusiasm and confidence as well!

However, if you want to be a little greedy, then you can ask for major sponsorships. Don’t feel shy to offer deals to important companies! Because believe it or not, the ones who will make more profit out of this situation will be them instead of you. But in this way, you can gain some real money in no time! The key of sponsorships is promoting quality products to gain your community’s trust in the future. Don’t be too greedy and also, stay on your passion and community’s topic. If you’re talking about fitness, don’t promote junk food or things like that.

4- You can also Rely on your Content!

If you’re talented enough and you feel truly confident about what you’re doing, then why don’t you use this as an opportunity to gain some money? In the beginning, it will be difficult without any doubt. But once you discovered your community’s taste, you can start selling your content without relying on any sponsorships or affiliate products at all! This means that you’ll be independent of what you’re doing and how do you sell everything.

However, this is by far the most difficult way to gain money because a lot of people will be already selling what you’re doing. So, you need to be better than others to gain fame and trust! If you’re enthusiastic enough, why don’t you try this opportunity? Good things can come out of this situation.

Final Thoughts and Advice:

Gaining money on Pinterest it’s a reality. However, it doesn’t mean that you can create a new account and in the next day you will be gaining some income. Things don’t work like that. You need to build a passionate and active community in which you can sell a lot of products to start seeing some money at the end of the month! Don’t try to rush things, know your limitations, and don’t try to hide your passions to others. Show them how you are and you’ll see that a lot of users will join your community in no time! Good Luck with everything and be calm, everything will come but only if you maintain your enthusiasm and passion!

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