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If you want to post images on Pinterest it can be a bit tiresome work. You want to add a recipe you recently came across or a cute puppy image on your own, it can be managed. But when you want to use Pinterest as a marketing tool and want more traffic to your blog, you must seek help. So how does Tailwind work?

To assist you there is an app you can use and that is Tailwind. This is a marketing tool for Pinterest, and small businesses to bloggers can use this for their services. This scheduler for Pinterest will help you get leads, will drive traffic, and provide you sales as well. You just have to make a minimal investment to work with this extension. With the help of Tailwind, you won’t require to find the daily posts, you just have to give time once a week with the extension and it will do the posting task for you. You will also get to see the pins are resonating with various pinners. This way you can interact with more people and improve your content. Here, in this article check how Tailwind works.

Benefits of Tailwind and How Does Tailwind Work

If you want to know how does tailwind work, you must know the benefits it can give you.

  • Upload images faster
  • You can schedule your pins for any time you want
  • Analyze and measure how the pins are performing
  • You can get new audiences with Tailwind tribes

Also, you must know that recently Tailwind is working for Instagram scheduling and publishing. However, the major features of this app are for Pinterest.

Approved by Pinterest

Tailwind is a marketing tool for Pinterest, and it follows all the standards of the platform to keep your posts safe. You won’t require to log in with the app, just link your Pinterest account with it. This app will analyze your niche and account and will create a smart schedule for your pins so that you get better traffic. You just have to notify Tailwind of the number of pins you want to schedule for each day, and it can be till 50. If you go with Tailwind plus plan, you can post unlimited pins and you have to pay yearly. You will be able to save so much time, and you can do your work while the app will post your pins.

Connect with Pinterest

You won’t need to enter your login info with Tailwind, you just have to log into your Pinterest account. You have to follow the prompts to connect with the platform, and you will be ready to post your pins.

Add more than one Pinterest account

You can add Tailwind to more than one Pinterest account. Just have to log into that profile, and from the profile setting, you have to add a new account. Need to select the platform and authorize Tailwind. You can add different Pinterest accounts with the app dashboard, and each account will start with a free plan. If you want to post unlimited pins, you can go for the plus plan.

How does Scheduling pins on Tailwind work

You will get three options to add pins to Tailwind.

  • Upload pins directly to the app
  • Schedule from Pinterest
  • Schedule from your blog or website

The fastest methods are the last two options, and for this, you can add Tailwind extension to the browser. You just have to tap on it and add pins. Pinterest also recommends that you save relevant boards first, and that must not exceed more than 10. If you have selected more than two boards, you can click on the interval button, and space the pins for 5 to more days.

You can check the pin description to ensure the way you want it. Then, click on the Schedule now button and your work is finished. If you close the scheduling window, the pins will be saved on the draft page.

Tailwind grows traffic

There are many ways the app gives you better opportunities with Pinterest.

  • Maintains continuous presence on Pinterest, and you won’t require to manually post your pins
  • Spaces out the pins you have selected so they don’t appear as spam to Pinterest or disturb your followers.
  • Your pins will be posted at right times, and this will give you more leads
  • It curates pins from your favored blogs from the find content section, and it will save so much time.
  • With the help of niche Tailwind tribes, you can share your pins
  • You can join the tribe members who can help you share your content.
  • You get automatic posts on Pinterest.

How does Tailwind tribes work

This is a group of like-minded people in Tailwind, who like to share each other’s content on Pinterest. If you join Tribes, you will get to enjoy unlimited streams of contents the member’s trust, and the pins get saved. This way you can improve the quality of your content, and get better traffic as your pin will be shared by the members. You will get a new audience by joining Tailwind tribes.

Tailwind smartloop

This is to re-share your pins at Pinterest, and you get to save so much time with it.

  • You have to add your pins to SmartLoop and your posts will re-circulate immediately
  • Set a loop for a year or a specific season. You have to specify it.
  • Check everything you’re pinning with the intuitive calculator in Tailwind
  • You can customize the limits that you are not spamming or breaking any rules of Pinterest.

Tailwind works by maintaining all the rules of the platform, and it will warn you before you post things that are not approved by Pinterest.

Pinterest group boards

You can schedule pins to your boards or groups you are a member of. If the group does not have any restriction like one pin for one day, you can save the pins in your board lists. If they have rules you can check the board rules, and post that way. You can create a board list for each type of pins you content you have. You can differentiate them by the best performing and the relevant ones.

When you use Tailwind, you just have to make sure that you know the techniques of it. Also, you can use the paid version to get better results.

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