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Many of us might have heard about Tailwind. We want to buy this product. But we are unsure about the benefits. We do not know much about plans and their features. We do not know which plan can be more helpful. In this article, we will answer all your queries related to Tailwind, its usage, and plans. Keep reading to educate yourself about Tailwind and then only you can make a smart decision. So how much does Tailwind cost?

What Is Tailwind?

It is an Instagram and Pinterest app designed to ensure easy access to both these platforms. It can be effective to save your time on social media. People use this smart tool due to its many benefits. It enables users to do a lot of complex tasks effortlessly. They can get content, monitor conversations, schedule posts, analyze results, and even amplify results. In addition to the above useful features, you can expect some shortcuts. There is a drag-and-drop calendar, Bulk image load, pin looping, and multi-board pinning. It can help users to save their resources and use time more efficiently.

With this app, they can optimize social media posting schedule automatically to receive the highest engagement. Users can also consider virtual insights and analytics to know which features are more effective and which ones are not helping much. There are Browser extension and Hashtag Finder features to help users reach a larger level of followers. You can schedule many posts just by mentioning dates and times. If you want, you can manage multiple accounts and share access to others.

What Should You Expect from this App?

Tailwind is designed as a Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool. The objective of this app is to help users to manage their accounts through a centralized platform to get the desired exposure and expand reach. This app will make it extremely easy for users to schedule their pins for the entire day.

They can create a smartloop that will publish useful evergreen contents and upload the new graphics. In brief, you can say that it will automate the process to create and post pins on different boards. However, if you are going to manage all these manually, it will demand more time. You can make the process simpler and automatic by using the Tailwind app. The best thing is that you can try it for free to be familiar with the features and benefits. If you think that it is worth spending, you can go ahead with your decision and invest in the most suitable plan.

How to Use This App for Pinterest

As stated earlier, this app is designed for Pinterest. Later, Instagram was added to boost the efficiency and usability of this tool. The usage will be easy. You do not need any expertise to download and use this tool for your accounts. All you need to do is to install Tailwind. You can install the extension for the Firebox, Chrome, or Safari. This tool is compatible with all these tools. So, you will not experience any complications while installing it. However, if you have any other browser like Explorer, you will not be able to install this app. Once the installation is done for your browser extension, you can use it for scheduling your pins. You can easily navigate to any web page or blog post.

Start by clicking on your browser extension and you can select any image that appears on the screen and then you can simply click on the “Go Schedule”. Now you will have options to choose from tribes, board lists, boards, or smartloops. Choose any that you want pins to go. Also, you will have the option to add the pin to the queue. Choose from the pin in the future, pin now, and pin during intervals. This is easy and can be done with minimal knowledge.

How Much Does Tailwind Cost?

Now you know how to use this app and how it can help you to expand your reach. Next, we will discuss the price so that you can decide. Tailwind offers three different annual plans. These are plus, professional, and enterprise plans. For plus, you will have to spend $15 per month. You are going to spend much more on professional plans. The price will be $799.99 per month. When it comes to the enterprise plan, there is no fixed price. The price will be decided depending on your specific needs.

The key differences between plans are collaborator numbers, influencer campaigns, tribe submissions, active smartloops, custom reporting, and data export capability.

All these plans are different. They will offer some specific features. The key features of the Plus plan are smart pin scheduling, unlimited pin scheduling, basic website insights, and basic board metrics. The professional plan helps more with optimizing content strategy, full profile and board reporting, and brand marketing suite. In the enterprise plan, you will get Hashtag and keyword analysis, industry trends, content discovery strategy, and influencer campaigns.

These are a few key features. You can expect many more. Therefore, it is important to know the features before deciding on one. For example, there will be two collaborators in the plus plan, five in the professional plan, and unlimited in the enterprise plan. For annual plans, you will have to make the full payment at the beginning.

Which Plan Is More Effective & How Much Does Tailwind Cost?

That will depend on your business needs. If you are a blogger or you have a small business, you can consider plus plan to cater to your needs. For large brands and companies, a professional plan will be a perfect choice. You will have to spend more on this plan. If you go with annual subscriptions, you might expect some discounts. If you think that both these plans are not helping you much, you can go with an enterprise plan. It will help you to get a plan that will fit your budget as well as needs. For customized plans, you will have to contact the sales team.

Tailwind can be effective especially when you use your Instagram and Pinterest account regularly. This app will help to manage your pins and expand your reach without much manual intervention. You can schedule posts and enjoy the response. I hope you got answer on question how much does Tailwind cost.

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