How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?

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Have you been wondering how often should you pin on Pinterest? This is a good and important question to consider. In order to be more successful on Pinterest when you want to make money selling your products and services online.

Some people state that the basic rule should be to try to pin at least fifteen times each day on Pinterest. But there are others on the other side of the spectrum. Who when they hear that the number is that high, may feel overwhelmed. They may wonder if that amount of pinning is a strategy that should be on-going or if this strategy entails decreasing the number of pins slowly as time progresses. Then the question may arise, how much time should occur before making a large reduction in the number of pins?

The bottom line is that each person will have to decide what frequency he or she will apply. When it comes to engaging in pinning on the Pinterest platform. This is particularly based on the type of brand one has. Also, one’s assets and content do contribute to the frequency of the pins. Yet, it is noted that there are some general ranges for the minimum and maximum number of pins on Pinterest on a daily basis.

Helpful guidelines for how often should you pin on Pinterest

If you are the average content creator that truly has a desire to engage in the usage of marketing via Pinterest. Then it is highly recommended for you to make at least a minimum of ten pins per day. This should be a combination of using your own content along with other interesting content that is created by others. Yes, this should be the bear minimum if you truly want to promote your products and brand on Pinterest to make some money.

Moreover, it is recommended to not go beyond the maximum of making twenty-five pins per day. If you make more pins than twenty-five, this can be conceived as overly excessive. If you make more than twenty-five pins per day, this could really damage your reach. This could be considered a type of Pinterest board spamming.

Maybe you are just starting to embark on the adventure of using Pinterest for your marketing purposes. Which could mean that you may not have a large content archive to rely on due to being new to this endeavor. Or if you sell only a limited variety of products on an e-commerce platform. Fifteen pins per day could actually be considered too many when you commence the launching of your strategy for marketing via the usage of Pinterest.

Be consistent

It is imperative for you to be consistent. Pinterest desires for all people who make pins for Pinterest to maintain a high level of consistency. When the algorithm of Pinterest takes into account that you are being consistent in sharing content that is regarded as being high in quality, Pinterest will augment your number of impressions. This will result in this platform showcasing your pins to a wider range of visitors on Pinterest more frequently.

This means that your content can link your pins to informative blog articles. Or you can use gorgeous photos as images that will direct visitors to your products you have for sale.

How many pins per day?

In order for this benefit of Pinterest showing your pins to a wider audience, it is imperative for you to make the effort to be consistent when it comes to your pins. If you are making only three pins each day, this is regarded as being much more effective than placing an abundance of pins in a sporadic manner. This is because the first method demonstrates more planned consistency.

There are newbies who are eager to engage in the usage of a wide variety of social media platforms. In order to do this, then tend to spend a bit of time one and a bit of time on another. This is the pattern they use for all their social media efforts. They may use Facebook, Twitter and others. Also, they drop by over to Pitnerest one or two days per week where they post a load of content on the site.

Some of their content may be memorable to others. Some of their content may not even make it in front of the eyes of viewers. This is due to the fact that Pinterest was not designed to be used in this manner. Pinterest was designed to be used with a higher level of consistency. Pinterest rewards consistency, which is why you must resolve to be consistent when it comes to your pinning usage via Pinterest. If you want to see positive results of increasing sales for the products that you have to offer. With this perspective in mind, it is realized that it is more preferable to engage in making pins more seldom, but with a higher level of consistency.

Important considerations about how often should you pin on Pinterest

The realization is that you likely do not need to make fifteen pins per day. If you have not been blogging for an extensive period of time already. Then you likely do not have to do this, as you may not have a lot of content. Or you may not have the skill to make graphics in abundance.

But one way to have a lot of pins per day is when you can re-pin the same graphics to multiple boards if the boards are similar in theme. This will help to augment your level of consistency to impress the algorithm of the Pinterest platform. This empowers you to reach more people with just a bit of content.

Another great tip is that you can create more than one image to pin. For the same blog content or listings of your products that you have to offer. You can do this by making multiple graphics. That are highly engaging that you can combine with just one selection of content.

The key advice that you should not ignore is the fact that it is beneficial to commence small and then increase the frequency of your pins when you have more content or products to offer. Be mindful that it is never advised to commence with a big effort and then taper off your frequency. This is not good and Pinterest will not reward you with a lot of views for your pins. Therefore, do apply much diligence to be consistent in making pins for Pinterest. Cheers to your success.

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