How To Claim Your Website on Pinterest

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Pinterest has users over 250 million every month. The users are ever-increasing. Pinterest has varied topics. Users from various domains come here for tips, motivation, or advice. Pinterest draws lots of traffic to your website and blogs, without a doubt. It is one of the social platforms that have become very successful. It helps build your blog and business when you claim your website on Pinterest.

Why should you claim your website on Pinterest?

Pinterest permits extra analytics linked to your business website. It is very powerful when you wish to evaluate the performance of the top pins. It analyzes the content that is drawing more traffic to your website. This way you can improve and create more performance-based content thereby increasing more traffic.

Pinterest will display the full URL of your website upon claiming it. This is visible on the top of your account profile on your Pinterest. This will permit other pinners and users on Pinterest about your business and the people they follow. Users can click on the displayed URL and thereby get direct access to your website directed from Pinterest.

But for all this to happen, you have to first swap your account on Pinterest to Business from personal.

Other advantages of claiming your website include:

  • Account Profile picture-Your profile picture is displayed next to all your pins and any other pins originating from your business website. The profile picture will have your website’s metadata as well. Pins coming from different users will also be included.
  • Analytics of your website– Website analytics are accessible to you. It displays what content is saved by the people that are coming from Pinterest (business account) to your website.
  • Tools accessibility– Upcoming tools can be obtained through early access through Pinterest.
  • Advertising– Pinterest has ads accessibility thereby assisting you in website pin promotion.
  • Rich Pins- Add in more data to your pins by enabling rich pins. This will allow a call to action.

How to do it?

It might be a little complicated and technical to you at first, but don’t space out just yet. Getting serious about your website is a sign showing that you want to go further.

How to claim your website on Pinterest?

To get started with, you must make yourself an account on Pinterest and swap it to business account from personal. There are two ways you can go further. One way is to post up a file on the site that you own in HTML format. The second one is preferable and easier. That is to apply a meta-tag in the header.

Taking WordPress as an instance, let’s proceed on the steps:

Step 1: Explore the various theme options on WordPress

Add themes according to your choice. You can add-on a script too, if available. Plugins can be used as well. Decide from the available options and then make your dashboard easily accessible by leaving this tab open.

Step 2: Acquiring meta-tags

Start by logging in to your business account on Pinterest. Below the profile picture, you will be able to see a dropdown menu. You can easily access the settings. As you scroll your way down on the options in your settings, you will come across to a section reading ’Claim Website’. Over there, paste the URL of your site. After this, select ’Claim Website’ to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Owning the site

Go ahead and select an option labeled ’Add HTML tag’. This is where it gets interesting. If you got this far, then it is assured you can get the rest done. After selecting that option, one is bound to have a different window opening on the desktop. Highlight the displayed meta-tag and copy the numbers. Make sure you don’t recklessly write them down or show them to another person because account security is not something to neglect. After completing this, leave the window undisturbed without clicking ’Next’. This is important.

Step 4: Add it on

Now that you copied the meta-tag, you can proceed to paste it onto the heading script or plug-in you chose earlier. Another important reminder to keep in mind is that numerous meta-tags can be added to the heading. This means even if there are other tags that you want to add-on to the header (Google analytics for instance) you can paste them right ahead.

This is a step to consider when you are using theme options. However, if you happen to use plug-in (s) then install them first. After the installation is complete, then proceed with its activation. Go to the settings and select the option reading ’Insert Headers and Footers’. There, you can apply the code. Hence, it will give the same result as the previous one where theme options are used.

Step 5: Click the Next’ option

Go to the site that you left open earlier in step 1 and click on ’Next’. After clicking, you have to come back on the Pinterest’s settings page. An email is received after this process. It would say that the confirmation will be given and the process of review is being undertaken.

Step 6: Patience

Last but not the least, you need patience. The e-mail that says ’Confirmed’ would take as much as an entire day. Fortunately, the confirmation will take not more than a few hours.

Once you receive that e-mail, the process of claiming your site on Pinterest is complete. It will become a visible fact as you can see a hyperlink on the profile page. You will now have the eligibility to apply to Rich pins.


It is essential to claim your website on Pinterest for profile optimization and driving a lot more traffic to your website or your blog. A website claim on Pinterest will tell users that your business is authentic and the content is for reliable distribution.

Pinterest is friendly in content creation and your business. It assists in getting your content noticed and viewed by various users on a large domain. But an effort from your side has to be done to verify or claim your website.

All the pins emerging from your website will be linked to your profile. This way user can click and get directed right to your website through your profile photo and name. Claiming your website shows your performing pins and the content that draws the major traffic. So, proceed with the above steps to claim your website and make your website accessible to users on a larger domain.

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