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How to Earn Passive Income with Pinterest

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Earning a passive income with Pinterest can be easier for you if you have an account with Pinterest and know how to create attractive boards of some of the awesome things you love the most. The information provided in this write-up will help online businesses as well as bloggers to make money with Pinterest.

In fact, one can earn Pinterest passive income whether he has a website or blog or not. You can use your Pinterest account or the account on any other social media platform to promote the products of your choice to earn money.

Earlier Pinterest has banned the creation of pins with affiliate links for its users because some of the spammers used to send these pins to make certain websites scammy. But now Pinterest has developed procedures to detect spammers and pins can be linked to affiliate links directly.

However, before known how to earn the Pinterest passive income you must know what passive income is and how it can be beneficial for you.

What is Passive Income?

A source of income that can be maintained with minimum efforts is known as a passive income. But initially, you may have to invest some time and money to maintain your Pinterest account.

Benefits of earning passive income

Your passive income allows you to meet up your financial needs. Even if your one source of income is not performing as per your expectations. Moreover, this source of income also allows you to build your wealth along with financial status. It also allows you to use your time freely as per your requirements as needed to spend to make money.

Introduction with affiliate links

Now when you are going to earn Pinterest passive income then you should also be familiar with affiliate links as you are going to use them in this process.

Basically, the links that link the products of your choice to the referral code of your affiliate are known as affiliate links. This link will allow the companies whose products you are going to promote about you as an affiliate and credit the commission for signing up new customers or selling their products in your account.

Tips to find affiliate programs

You can find a number of online affiliate programs selling a large number of products and services. If you are new to affiliate marketing then you recognize them through their label as “affiliate”, “refer a friend”, “invite friends” or “referral” etc.

Some of the popular affiliate platforms that offer referral programs may include Ibotta, Ebates, Thred UP, Acorns, Board Booster, Honey, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and My Points, etc. Other affiliate programs have the potential to help you in making money online may include ShopStyle Collection, and Maven, etc. Some of the affiliate programs allow bloggers to use their links to make money online like ShareaSale, Flex Offers, ShopHer, CJ or VigLinks, etc.

Rules to earn Pinterest passive income

While using Pinterest to promote some products you will have to follow a few rules.

Rule 1: You will have to disclose that you are using an affiliate link. You can do it just by adding the word Affiliate at the end of describing your pin.

Rule 2: You will have to use affiliate links in full instead of a short link shortened by using to make it look attractive.

Rule 3: You should not use your affiliate link overly to spam or overboard the users. As a result, you will be unfollowed by the annoyed users and Pinterest can also kick you off.

Tips to increase your Pinterest passive income

You can increase you passive income with Pinterest by following the tips provided here under.

Use of relevant boards

The best way to increase your Pinterest passive income is to continue adding affiliate pins to the boards relevant to them. For instance, while promoting a pair of shoes through an affiliate link then you should pin it to the board of Fashion Shoes instead of the board of personal finance. When you will use a relevant board to pin your affiliate links then it will not spam the users as people interested in fashion shoes will click on your link and buy your product. Hence you can increase your income.

Use of relevant Keywords

While describing your affiliate pin you must use awesome keywords. Your pin may not be able to attract people if you have not used any keyword while pinning an image of your affiliated products. Your pins will attract people searching for the products you have pinned if you use relevant keywords. It will increase your chance to earn more by selling your products.

Use multiple images

To attract more people you should create several images of the products affiliated by you. You should make vertical long pins of your products from different angles. You can attract more eyes by superimposing a text on the images.

Join group boards related to your products

You can attract more people by joining group boards related to the products affiliated by your affiliate links. But before joining a group board you should know about their rules in this regard.

Schedule your pins

You can use autopilot programs like Tailwind. To schedule your affiliate pins and repins to pin them on your boards continuously without any painstaking effort. It will not only save your time but money also.

Create a board with advanced settings

Last but not least you can increase your Pinterest passive income by creating a board with advanced settings. To schedule your pins and repins. You will have to add your pins to your new board. Set its settings so that it can automatically rotate them effortlessly.


If you have a Pinterest account and know the ways to create a board then you can earn an additional income. Very easy and effortless manner by the platform of Pinterest. But while trying to earn the Pinterest passive income you will have to follow some rules. As well as use autopilot like Tailwind. To schedule your pins and repins consistently on your board in a very graceful way.

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