How To Make Money On Pinterest?

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Pinterest receives 2.5 billion page views and has over 70 million users every month. If you are looking at how to make money on Pinterest, go beyond photo-sharing. Treat it as a bulletin board made by you for all global visitors and readers.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social platform which several users visit to get motivated for ideas to cultivate and improve their hobbies and interests. A pin represents an idea that can be saved if you like. The pins can be relevant and helpful for business, hobbies, and inspiration. These pins can direct you to blogs/websites for driving sales and user traffic.

Can we earn and make it big with Pinterest? Many people do not know that Pinterest is a social platform and a search engine that can generate money, as a beginner. People come looking for content and so yes, you can earn and make it big at Pinterest. As your network grows, there is growth in your opportunities too.

How much money can I make on Pinterest?

Make your valuable time worth it by learning strategies to monetize your blog on Pinterest. You do not need any experience to start making money on Pinterest. It certainly has more earning potential than online survey sites and not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your money-making capacities depend totally on mastering the potential money-making strategies on Pinterest. On an average, Pinterest has the potential of earning between 1000 dollars to 50,000 dollars each month. Yes, you heard it right. This value can be attained gradually at your own pace. However, the earnings can be volatile.

Here we will take a look at some of those strategies on how to make money on Pinterest which will drive your earning potential. Let’s dive in.

As a beginner – How to make money on Pinterest?

The popular methods as a beginner are creating money making blogs and another without a blog. To begin with, set up a business Pinterest account for monetizing your account with Pinterest, include keywords that are relevant and seeking in your bio profile, and create your pins and boards by sprinkling and not by stuffing the keyword. Monetizing your Pinterest account will fetch you traffic to your website through Pinterest.

Begin a blog website for less

Begin a web hosting blog and get a free domain name. Start the web-hosting blog using a yearly plan. Why not using a free one like a blogger or WordPress? It is because the money-making potential is very less. This is because users may not take you seriously. Other than that, affiliate programs and ad networks cannot be applied so easily with a free network. Look for good deals on the internet to start a blog for less. However, free ones can certainly get your Pinterest account monetized.

Write helpful, passionate and relevant content

Investing in the content-making that you love and are interested in, and you are sure to harness money. Follow your interests and gather an audience. This can be done by creating relevant and helpful content in that area. Create boards with a Pinterest account to draw the audience seeking information and help in that area. Gather followers to your pinboards. Few thousand board followers can draw marketers with their offers to you. The other way is to sell once you make a good amount of followers.

Keep your pin up to date and around 5-10 blog posts in your niche and targeting a set of audiences. Take a topic that interests you and help the readers. The topic should be a blend of skills, market demand, passion, and reader’s interests in help and motivation.

Select a company for sponsorship and promotion

Once you have built up plenty of followers, choose products offering companies to appeal to the target audience. For instance, the target audience in cooking can get appealed to cooking made easy or new kitchen products. Approach related companies for sponsorship by sharing your account statistics on Pinterest. Offer them deals for using your account to market their brands.

Creators can garner audiences and money through the contribution of content and joint promotions.

How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing?

Several companies offer affiliate links for their product promotions. Affiliate marketing fetches small commission for the sales clicks and shares obtained through your boards/site. Get in touch with those companies and sign up with them to promote and sell their products on your boards via affiliate links. Use a shortening URL service eg.,, to handle these links. This will enable you to track your boards and pins for the number of clicks.

However, it is recommended to monetize your Pinterest account and then do affiliate marketing on your website rather than pinboards. Affiliate links used on your website and linking your pins to your website will avoid spamming on Pinterest. Pinterest checks for affiliate marketing spam timely and takes action against them.

SEO-Search engine optimization marketing strategies

Making use of SEO marketing strategies help in drawing traffic to your boards and pins. You will be found through leading search engines on Pinterest. As the audience grows, the opportunities grow.

Shared board creation

A shared board “group board” can be created with a board to get a wide range of audiences. A shared board will appear on their profile as well as yours. For this, creators are paid a flat fee by the brand to curate a shared board. This will leverage the audience, content as well as expertise. A pin mix of brands and your pins is a curated board. This way your content is included and you will reach more audiences from the cyber world.


When your Pinterest account is monetized with a business account, you are available to brands. This will get you hands-on goodies such as Pinterest Analytics. This extra feature on Pinterest lets various brands see the number of viewers on your profile each month. This way brands can approach you. Pinterest-reach permits others to view your stats on upgrading to brands.

Conclusion – How to make money on Pinterest?

Making money on Pinterest is through content contribution through pins and boards thereby engaging you with related brands and their products to be sold through your Pinterest platform. But, Pinterest is a platform where a user’s experience is guarded. You connect to different people and help each other to grow by sharing your marketing strategies with others. Your passion, skills, and relevant information will help readers and fetch you money in return.

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