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ClickBank is a passive online income earning platform for affiliates and digital product creators. In a nutshell, ClickBank acts as a virtual market where people promote other entrepreneurs products and earn commission through sales generated as a result of the promotion. ClickBank also helps digital product creators to meet affiliates who promote their products. Though ClickBank can earn you a seven-figure income in a couple of days, it is not a beginner-friendly platform due to massive capital investment required initially. ClickBank does turn affiliate marketing a real profession by solving the following issues. So, how to make money with ClickBank fast?

  • ClickBank uses cookies to help affiliate locate products
  • The platform also helps affiliates trace their commission
  • It allows affiliates to determine the amount they earn as a commission on real time.

Primarily people and organizations make their earnings in ClickBank by publishing other company’s product and earning commission upon sales or by creating digital products and services list and creating traffic leading to sales.

How do Vendors sell their products on ClickBank?

Product creators only need to list their products and services and determine the commission payable to affiliates upon making a sale.

The entrepreneur is required to pay some registration fee to sign up to ClickBank platform once while joiningAffiliates promote the vendor’s products aiming to drive traffic to the website, which consequentially turns the traffic into sales.

How do affiliates promote products on ClickBank and How to Make Money on ClickBank Fast?

Affiliates also need to sign up to ClickBank, which is usually free to see the list of items available for sale.

They will decide on the products they are most familiar with and drive traffic to them. Affiliates also need to check the commissions payable on different products, and whether they legitimate the site, they want to engage.

How to make money with ClickBank fast is a three-step process that can change your account or make you more miserable, depending on how you follow the steps. I will explain broadly the three actions, one after the other.

1.Choice Of Service Or Product

Since your interest in the digital market is to earn commission through sales, know the best products to deal with. Several criteria apply when selecting a product as an affiliate, such factors are

  • It is wise to check items with high gravity; this means products preferred by most affiliates even though this means more competition, but these products will have features that make them famous, which is important for your choice.
  • I would advise you to pick items not necessarily with massive gravity. But that product that you have passion because it becomes part and parcel of your life.
  • For more information on the products you choose from the list, ask the product maker to enlighten you more so that you do not end up giving misleading information to the customers

2.Customer Journey Or Funnel

After choosing the products you will deal with as an affiliate. You need to know the route your customers will follow on the website until they purchase the digital goods you are promoting. There are usually three possible routes that you can direct the customers.

  • The most ideal is creating a waiting landing page where you lure the customer to exchange their emails with you and then use the email to promote your product.
  • The second route is directing the customer directly to the vendor which is not suitable for you as an affiliate since you cannot retrace the customer unlike when you have their email
  • The third funnel is creating a landing page for hosting customers before channeling them to the product.

3.Creating Traffic

The third step on how to make money with ClickBank fast is to generate traffic on the website. The more visitors you have on your site, the more tremendous the sales are likely to grow.

Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to direct visitors to your site. Have a calendar when you are updating your followers and keep them engaged always.

Strategies How To Increase Cash Through ClickBank Fast

Various main strategies can help increase your sales through ClickBank. I will explain each one of the multiple ways.

  • Paid Promotion-This is a product advertisement mode that involves publishing digital goods and services through such promotional tactics like pay per click. Foor paid promotions you can use Facebook or Google AdWords to increase traffic for your product.
  • Free Promotion-This involves advertisement through journals, videos, and audio programs. These include videos where you can record your digital click bank products and posting them on your website. You can also record youtube videos and animate them the way you want. And later use them to lure customers into buying your click bank products. Thirdly you can also record your voice through podcasts and use it to promote your digital ClickBank products.
  • Using Banners-This tactic uses a banner that is placed somewhere in an article that is related to your ClickBank product. It promotes though in a silent way.
  • Using Links- links can also be used in texts as a strategy to drive traffic to your ClickBank products.

Your website needs to be free of errors for customers to rely upon it and to be able to maintain the customer’s data that will be very crucial going forward. Failure of your website means the failure of your business.


As I conclude, ClickBank helps increase traffic on your site, and therefore a perfect landing page is required. The page should be user friendly to be able to turn the traffic into sales. Because if you do not, you do not earn as an affiliate.

People have embraced affiliate marketing make of almost all ages. And the afforested tips come in handy for those willing to turn affiliate marketing a real occupation fr them. With the population of the world increasing alarmingly, there is a need to embrace ClickBank since affiliate marketing remains the best way to go.

My article is not an exact way for affiliates and digital product makers to conduct business. But it gives them a much competitive edge.

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