Main Differences between Pinterest Business Account Vs Personal

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Pinterest is a social media platform that allows both sharing and access to images. This social media network is quite versatile as it allows opening or switching between Pinterest business account vs personal.

A Pinterest personal account is suitable for people in a quest for general information with no commercial interest. The business account, on the other hand, is tailored to generate leads through pins hence is perfect for people searching for a market for their goods and services.

Despite the outward appearance of these two accounts being similar, there are key differences that make each account distinct. Since one is not restricted from opening any of these accounts, it is vital to understand the features, merits and demerits of each account.

A comparison of these features will help you make a sound decision on the Pinterest account to open. Below is a detailed Pinterest business account vs personal account comparison.

Account settings

The two accounts are tuned up differently. The username for a personal account, for example, features the first and second names of the owner while that of a business account has a business name.

Another distinction in the account settings is the number of information categories. Since more information is required to set up a Pinterest business account than in a personal account, more types of information must be filled.

Such additional categories in a business account and not in a personal account include the business type and the company logo. A profile bio of a business account is also more detailed than that of a personal account.

The information in the About section of a personal account indicates one own character, hobbies and experience. That of a business account must is tweaked to include information on the goods and services that the business offers.

Terms of agreement

Pinterest revised its agreement terms to free personal accounts from commercial purposes. The new terms of the agreement state that a Pinterest personal account cannot be used for business tailored tasks. Therefore, when opening a business account, one must agree with the terms that come with it.

Pins on Pinterest business account vs personal

This is a broad aspect forming the heart of distinguishing Pinterest business account vs personal accounts. Pins are displays of all the things you recently pinned. Pinterest personal accounts pins are standard; hence only display only general information.

Contrarily, business accounts have rich pins. A rich pin displays more detailed information, including pricing information of your products. With the help of a web developer, a business can create rich pins, including article, product, recipe and app pins.

If your business account uses the product pin, the prices must be updated as this information is automatically sent to people who have pinned your products. The role of rich pins is to generate more traffic to a website. Since personal accounts are not linked to websites, rich pins are less critical for personal accounts.

There exist other advanced pins for Pinterest users. These include:

Promoted pins

Promoted information or video displays help target specific audiences making sure that your pins are shared with the right people. That pins are only available for business accounts. This is because it is only in business accounts that brands can be shared with target groups.

Buyable pins

Buyable pins allow a buy it section to be added to the pins. Similarly, this tool is not available in a personal account. Business accounts benefit from buyable pins as they are a hassle-free strategy of driving conversions.

New features for Pinterest business account vs personal

New features on Pinterest favor the business accounts over the personal accounts. This means that notifications of new features are sent to business accounts prior to personal accounts.

People with Business accounts, therefore, have a comparative advantage as they can access and test these features earlier. This is, of course, a way to make people open or switch to the more profitable business accounts.


Pinterest analytics show whether your pins are working effectively, the people viewing your pins and the changes that need to be done if the pins are not working.

This feature is present in business accounts and not in personal accounts. This is because insights are essential only if the account is used to promote brands. There are three types of analytics available for business accounts. These are:

Website analytics

This scrutinizes the effectiveness of your linked website in the generation of leads. If you don’t have a website, this tool analyzes any other market place that the account is connected to.

Profile analytics

Do you want to know how your pinned items are performing? This executes this role helping one decide on a pinning strategy.

Audience analytics for Pinterest business account vs personal

this indicates the age, gender and any other demographic information regarding your audience. This tool helps you understand what your audience likes by observing their displayed pins.

Although all these features tend to lean in favor of Pinterest business accounts, a choice between the two depends on the following:

Level of organization needed

Some people may have tons of information that they want to showcase on Pinterest through pins and images. While it is possible to arrange information in both accounts, a Pinterest business account can better organize this information through the additional features to target specific people.

Nature of work

If you are not engaged in works that require marketing, a personal account is suitable for you. With this, you can share your life experiences with ease without worrying about how you pin fair or how your audience responds.

A business account is suitable for people involved in marketing activities. This helps them generate leads without putting in so much energy and resources. Pinterest business accounts are also ideal for people, such as bloggers who target a specific audience.

Pinterest is a free social tool being highly adopted even in businesses. A valuable trick when you are new in this arena is starting with the personal account for familiarization then switch to a business account when a commercial need arises. It is also worth noting that managing both accounts can be overwhelming. Asses the comparison above plus your needs and open a Pinterest account that best suits you.

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