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Among all the social media websites on the internet Pinterest seems to be growing exponentially among marketers and general audience as well. The website ranks among the top 5 social media websites behind Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So, what people generally share on their Pinterest? Most popular pins on Pinterest? The website is mostly about great photos, delicious recipes, impressive craft ideas and pictures of other products.

Thus, Pinterest can simply be defined as a picture centric platform similar to Instagram, but it Is without the sense that you compete for followers and likes with little pressure for showcasing your idealized version.

In fact, a lot of users report that that platform is helping for learning a lot of new things while finding newest products. What’s a lot more is that Pinners would be twice more likely to accept that they had a well spent time in the platform.

While often a lack of understanding is there when coming to crafting a strategy on Pinterest, it is slightly more powerful tool for marketing than you can think of.

Why Pinterest is great for Marketers?

Marketers can think of the Pinterest as a visual search engine.

With more than 250 million active monthly users and more than 175 billion pinned items, the Pinterest is a fine place for the users for kicking off their processes of shopping and researching products that they might be interested to purchase.

What’s more here is that marketers stand while expecting great outcomes. Around 61% of the total pinners were reported to buy a product after they saw it on the platform.

While most of the searches on Pinterest aren’t regarding products and brands, a lot of users still have an intent of buying.

They’re quite open to purchase something that they love-regardless of the brand.

To find the most trending Pinterest Posts you’ll require a Pinterest business account.

Most Popular Pins On Pinterest

Now let’s find out most popular pins on Pinterest, and let’s know how to use these as an inspiration for brand promotion.

Travel Pins

The 2019 Pinterest forecast report showed that pinners learned more about traveling through small-town gateways, buses, and traveling with zero-waste.

Regardless of whether you’ve focused on unique gateways or sustainability this is all about inspiring the audience with the most compelling visuals that the visitors think about the next adventure.

For example, like the current post, 10 most unique places for visiting in Mexico, captures the attention of Pinners are featuring Grutas Tolantango hot pools – a resort that is “rarely visited” around five hours north of the Mexico City.

Wellness and Health

The subject of wellness and Health has been a great winner for users in the platform. So, if you’re into the business of beverage/fitness/food/wellness, the social media would be a lot crowded place. You’ll need to assure that all your posts are appealing to the eye and useful for the audience.

For food pins you can link the product to a page with specified instructions for preparing the dish. It becomes simple to follow after everything is provided with description so the users get right supplies and you can follow this along without the need for leaving platform.

Interests and Hobbies

Hobbies such as painting, crafting, gardening, etc. have been the Pinterest cornerstone since the launch of platform in 2012.

Recent trends also include various things such as side hustles that include posts teaching users on “making thousands” on different websites or “finding apps paying you to use their phone.”

Unfortunately, most of the content is only different version of “after quitting my job”. I found the best way to make money without much work.

With that being said, the category’s popularity can be a legitimate opportunity for providing advice to people who are looking out for new ways for earning a living.

Food – One Of The Most Popular Pins On Pinterest

As you might have gathered through the section of renowned posts, the food is among the topmost Pinterest categories.

While a lot of trends arrive and fade off- you can think of the craze of bacon just years back or the obsession of elderberry among people in current year – a lot of the popular food posts in the platform are recipes for most of the people who love delicious and healthy food.

It is quite simple: If you’re looking to gain Pinterest followers. You can post a mouthwatering recipe that anyone hasn’t yet posted. Most often all these posts aren’t trendy. A lot are perennial faves such as slow cooker recipes or perennial faves that are fine to prepare while you’re working.

You can add up a fine visual (remember: You can sell sizzle, and not the steak). And you’ll most likely end up making a few friends.

Of course, posting recipes isn’t possible with every brand. So, if your brand doesn’t have any food connection, you’ll either have to find creative ways for making the connection or should focus on posting the content that aligns well with your brand.


In the year 2018, around 83% of searches that were home related were in the category of DIY. People mostly search the Pinterest to get both easy DIY hacks and inspiration that can help in transforming their house, one little adjustment at a time.

If the business model touches anything that is related to the improvement of house or the décor space. The Pinterest would be a fine move to the marketing team.

As of now, the topmost house improvement category on the platform would be house Décor Accessories. You’ll also notice that a lot of the posts are types of round-up styles posts.

In the 2019 Pinterest trend forecast, Stenciled Floors made a fine appearance. These were fine example of affordable house makeover projects. The post if from the Royal Design Studio that has been pinned around 14k times. In part as the account had more than 153k followers.

Most Popular Pins On Pinterest – Fashion and Beauty

A majority of women search the platform for finding information related to clothes, beauty products and shoes. Mainly to know how these actually work.

Pinterest has reported that the brands featuring products in the “real-life scenarios” are performing a lot better. Than the ones featuring products like plain background. As we’re talking that around 30% of the high click rates and the 170% high checkout rates.

In short, the Pinterest is real boon for beauty and fashion brands. The influencers/bloggers showing the audience how do trends work in real world.

Pinterest is a lot about but not limited to art and crafts, quotes and recipes. Pinterest a little secretive among marketers and users as well. These most popular pins on Pinterest would be helpful if you’re thinking of launching Pinterest strategy. All these are types of pins that you can look to get inspiration.

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