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While the success story of Pinterest is known to everybody, in this article we will look at Pinterest from a different point of view. We will look at ways and means by which end users can benefit by using Pinterest. We will specially look at areas pertaining to Pinterest search engine optimization. It will come in handy for all those who are looking to get the best out of their presence on Pinterest. We will get started by understanding a few basics about putting in place the right SEO strategy. It is quite obvious that whether it is a website or marketing of products and services through Pinterest and other social media, SEO certainly has a big role to play.

When we talk about an exclusive image sharing as well as social media service for discovery of information and saving it for future use, there are few names that can match Pinterest. The site is the brainchild of three persons, Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, and Even Sharp. According to the figures available till August 2019, pinterest has a monthly active user base of 300 million. It is headquartered in San Francisco, and is known by the name Pinterest, Inc. It has around 1,600 employees.

Identify The Areas Where Pinterest Could Work

To begin with Pinterest is different from many other social media sites. You must decide whether you want to make Pinterest a part of your social media strategy. You have to bear in mind that Pinterest is different from other social media sites because of some obvious reasons. It is considered to be the best for sharing various recipe ideas, DIY hacks and also for unique décor inspiration.

At the same time, we often tend to forget the fact that Pinterest also doubles up as one of the most popular and one of the biggest search engines on the web. This makes it important for you as the end user to optimize for the various searches by Pinner’s. If this does not happen, you are sure to miss out on important information based on which decisions can be taken by customers. There is no denying the fact that keywords are the main building blocks for any SEO strategy and as mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual search engine on its own.

Come Out With The Right Keywords & Keyword Phrases For Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

You must do your research and choose the right Pinterest keywords. This will go a long way in helping your content. To get the right viewership and it will reach the right audience. If you spend some time on the internet and take professional help, you will be able to come across a set of keywords that could help in your Pinterest search engine optimization. You must bear in mind that the keyword selection is vital because Pinterest keywords may not be the same as the keywords that are used by other search engines. Use of guided search to come out with automatic suggestions. You also could use hastags to draw inspiration. You should not find it too difficult to come out with at least 100 odd keywords and it should not take much of time and effort.

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Some Important Strategies for Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

Your business and your overall business objectives will decide the keywords that you will be choosing for your Pinterest SEO strategy. At the end of the day the keywords should inspire the content for the product or service that you are promoting. For example if you are into clothing as a retailer. It would be a good idea to create Pins and boards for the respective season. The same applies to health products, cakes, confectionaries and other such items that have seasonal spurt in demand and troughs also.

You also must understand the importance of using the word recipes. This is because these are extremely popular as far as Pinterest is concerned. It would be pertinent to mention here that almost six out of 500 keywords that are used in Pinterest has the word recipe in it. If you are into the food and health space, make sure that you come out with recipes. Related with the respective Pinterest keywords. It would do a world of good if they meet the stringent diet standards. For the information of readers keywords such as Keto appear quite frequently in keyword searches.

Always Keep In Mind That You Are A Pinner

You have to bear in mind that experienced and skilled pinners are also good planners. In other words they take into account the various life events that have a co-relation with the keywords that are searched. For example if you are into garments and fashion accessories. You could think of keywords such as summer garments, fall garments and so on. Holidays should also be taken into account when thinking of keywords. These include holidays and special days like Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween amongst others. You have to also keep in mind that those who are using Pinterest to search for products have the habit of starting quite early in the day when compared to various other platforms. Hence if you are planning a content for certain events. You should get started quite early in the day to avoid disappointment.

Avoid Being Too Generic

Though generic keywords are useful, you should always keep in mind that being too generic will not help much as far as your Pinterest search engine optimization is concerned. It would be better if you understand the importance of having the right descriptive detail. For example if you have recipes as a generic keyword you should think of adding some meaningful details. Such as healthy recipes, sugar free recipes, recipes for diabetics and so on. The same also applies to apparels, dresses and other such things where you must use the generics with some intelligence and forethought. Apart from the above, you also must try and use keywords as hashtags too. Because it could make a world of difference.


To sum up, there is no doubt that search engine optimization while being extremely important for pinterest. You have to act and do things differently because of the reasons explained above. You may have to hire specially trained and skilled professionals, who have the right experience and expertise as far as pinterest SEO campaigns and plans are concerned.

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