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Pinterest and Instagram are two social platforms that rely on images, but you should know that their purposes are different on Pinterest vs Instagram. What we can say for sure about them is that they are the most visual-centric platforms at the moment, with millions of users and tons of high quality generated content, which implies excellent photos. They are in trends and provide great opportunities for advertising. In the following sections, we will discuss the main differences between these two platforms to make the best ideas on which one is suitable for your business and which can help you grow your profits. Let’s find out more.

Pinterest vs Instagram – the main differences

Until now, we found out that both platforms rely on images content. They both have millions of users and are great ways of promoting your business or blog. But what are the main differences? Let’s find out:

The goal

Every social platform has a goal, and therefore, the content will be assigned in line with its primary purpose. And we will discuss the main goals of each platform.

Pinterest’s purpose is to discover content, whereas Instagram’s goal is to share. So, we will find beautiful images on both platforms, but one has the role of being shared. Compared to the ones published on Pinterest that have to provide additional value.

Maybe on Instagram is enough to post a beautiful picture with a cute caption, but this will not give an excellent outcome for your business on Pinterest. Let’s take an example for a better understanding of the matter.

For example, you publish a beautiful dish on Instagram. With the caption’s Best dinner ever and a reference to your blog. Ok, this will do the trick on this platform. People will see the fabulous dish, desire one, search online your article, and read it. But on Pinterest, you must provide additional info. You have to offer besides the beautiful picture of a dish, a part of the recipe, or a trick they should use when they perform it at home, to make them repin your image.


When you choose the right platform that you want to use, you must find out more details. About the audience, if it is suitable for you, or has an interest in what you offer. Therefore, we will discuss a few essential details about Pinterest vs Instagram audience.

Pinterest has an audience of more than 320 million monthly active users in 2020. 71 % of Pinterest’s audience is women, ages 25-54 mainly. And most of them use this platform to find ideas for great food or drinks, are looking for jewelry and accessories, and spend nearly 500$ on beauty products within six months. So, if your business targets women, or sells jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, then Pinterest is your platform. Also, if you have a lifestyle blog or events planning company, you should give it a try. 85% of women on Pinterest are searching for inspiration for designing an important event in their life, compared to just 44% on Instagram.

But let’s find out how Instagram’s audience looks like. First, you should know that the audience is much broader, with billions of active users monthly. More than 70% are Millenials, under 35 years old. It is also a predominantly female audience, like in the case of Pinterest. 60% of this audience says that is looking for new products on this platform, so they have a real interest in buying something they see here. The area of interest is much broader on Instagram than on Pinterest, and it is easier to target the desired buyer persona here. You will found a broad audience with multiple interests.

Mobile vs Desktop

Each platform has designed functionalities. While Pinterest can be accessed both from desktop and mobile. In the case of Instagram, it is a mobile app that can be accessed only from smartphones. So, if your website/blog is mobile-friendly, you can use both platforms to promote your brand. But, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you should not advertise it on Instagram, because you will lose essential visitors.

The type of content – Pinterest vs Instagram

We have mentioned previously that the type of content for each social platform should differ depending on the goal of that network and the images users want to see. We gathered some interesting statistics that will help you to make a clear idea of the type of content is suitable for Pinterest and Instagram.

For example, you should know that pictures without showing a human face are 23% more likely to be shared on Pinterest. And if you will scroll on this platform, you will notice that most pictures present the body up until the chin in most cases. Well, you should be aware of the fact that on Instagram, it is the opposite. People love human faces and share those photos with 35% more. So, if you decide to promote your brand on Pinterest, you should use pictures without human faces and on Instagram to use photos that show human faces, with an emphasis on them: a big smile, a wink, something fun.

Colors also play a significant role

On Pinterest, the most shared photos are the ones that contain lots of red. In the case of Instagram, the stars are the photos that have blueish hues. On Instagram, it is best to use one dominant color. And on Pinterest are preferred the images with multiple dominant colors.

And you should also know that on Instagram, the photos with backgrounds are appreciated more, and on Pinterest are preferred the close-ups.

As you can see, they are significant differences when you compare Pinterest vs Instagram. You should take into consideration the audience, the type of content, and decide. What the best choice for your brand is. Both platforms can help you grow your profits and take your business to the next level. As long as you choose them wisely and pay attention to the content you share. Once you have found out the main characteristics of each social platform, you can try and see how the audience reacts to your content.

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