The Advent Of Pingroupie

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Social media marketing and content marketing have revolutionized the approaches of individuals or businesses through which they can reach a wide audience. Social media platforms have made everyone omnipresent. Marketers are trying to tap the enormous potential of social media platforms by using various tools to achieve greater visibility. One of the social media platforms that have created a storm is Pinterest. Some of you might think that Pinterest is all about creating photo galleries and sharing your journey. Now it has increasingly become a marketing tool to reach out to a wide customer base and resolve some of their queries. Pingroupie happens to be one of the marketing tools to give you better exposure on Pinterest.

The group boards of Pinterest can give you access to thousands of virtual visitors. People love to engage through various ’pins’ and what better than Pingroupie to tap the potential crowd and increase the traffic to your site.

Statistics Of Pinterest

To understand the boon of Pingroupie, you have to first know the gravity and importance of Pinterest in the social media networking circuit. You can utilize the platform of Pinterest by ’pinning’ your thoughts or journey in the form of photographs. It is a platform that offers a healthy exchange of ideas among virtual visitors and provides solutions to any queries.

This is where the businesses stand to benefit. Visual representations are the best form of demonstration of the value propositions and the solutions offered by businesses.

Using a marketing tool like Pingroupie can help tap the vast resources of Pinterest.

These statistics will help you to understand the potential of Pinterest in the business circuit.

  • Pinterest commands over 250 million users in its networking site. The number of active users runs in millions.
  • Pinterest group boards are one of the best segments to get in touch with a specific target audience who are looking for specific solutions. You need to get invited to group boards to avail of its benefits. According to the latest data, there are around 3 billion group boards on Pinterest. Imagine the number of target customers you can tap.
  • Shopping pins seem to be hit among Pinterest users. The group boards get shopping pins from over 2 million Pinterest users.
  • According to a study, around 98% of the Pinterest users actually implement the ideas they come across in the networking sites.
  • When it comes to making a conversion and going for the purchase phase, Pinterest seems to project a good number. Around 93% of the ’pinners’ surf through group boards in Pinterest to find out more about products and decide on the purchases.
  • Pinterest has proved to be a lucrative option to earn money. About 50% of the users have been found to earn more than $50000 per year. You can imagine the business opportunities in this platform.

The Importance of Pingroupie

Now you must be wondering how Pingroupie is coming into the picture. The group boards are a platform where collaborators can pin their ideas, journeys, thoughts on the board which will be accessible to a wider audience. This will encourage more members to be a part of the group board to pick up and exchange ideas.

How do group boards help businesses?

  • They give a platform having a large base of the target audience
  • An opportunity for a visual demonstration of products or services offered by businesses
  • Offer specific value proposition and solutions to the followers of the specific board
  • An opportunity to gain immense followers in your site

When people search for a particular thing, it brings them to the various pins in Pinterest. Due to a large number of users pinning their visuals, Pinterest thought of organizing them into group boards pertaining to relevant topics.

This makes it easier for the consumers to find their answers and ideas on a particular group board. Due to the numerous categories and broad topics present under the sun, there can be innumerable board groups about the same topic or category. This makes it difficult for the users to zero in on a particular board and be its collaborator.

Pingroupie is a tool

That will help you in discovering the relevant groups in Pinterest based on your interests and queries. You need to know the right keywords to find the board group and pin your thoughts. Pingroupie is like a directory for all the group boards present on Pinterest. You can type in the relevant keywords and find your prospective group in a jiffy.

You are a blogger, artist, or a business brand who wants to showcase his or her work and rake in more followers. Pingroupie is an excellent tool that can get you the right audience. You can search for specific products, brands, categories, and find out how many members are there in the group. If you want to bring in steady growth for your blog page or business, you can use Pingroupie to search for likeminded collaborators.

This tool will help you in increasing traffic and traction to your site. It aids in facilitating the exchange of pins, ideas, and comments between viewers and collaborators.

Now just imagine having access to 250 million active users of Pinterest and 3 billion boards to choose from. Pingroupie not only helps in finding the relevant boards but also sorts them according to your likes and group activities. This tool also aids in showing which group has seen the highest number of activities in recent times. Pingroupie also helps you in searching for a group based on description and title.

Benefits Of Pingroupie

Benefits of Pingroupie for individual users

Pingroupie is a highly beneficial tool for Pinterest users to find what they need without any hassles. Some of the benefits for individual users are:

  • Find the specific category or topic just by searching the title or description
  • Find innumerable pins relevant to your needs within a few clicks
  • A chance to engage and interact with the collaborators of your preferred board groups

Benefits for Business users/Brands/ Artists/Bloggers:

  • Offer a wide base of the target audience
  • Easily find your category
  • Understand the pulse of your viewers and their needs
  • Increase traffic to your site by collaborating in the group board
  • Get to know the group boards having a high number of members
  • Can check how proactively group boards interact and work
  • Get a chance to build your brand through visual representation in group boards

Pingroupie is a potent tool that can be used by Pinterest users to make the most out of the vast resources present in the networking platform. There is a whole wide world present in Pinterest and Pingroupie helps in tapping a part of it.

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