What is the Point of Pinterest?

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What even is Pinterest?

Before understanding what the point of Pinterest is, we need to understand what to expect when visiting the app or website. Put simply, Pinterest is a place where you can store, collect, and share images you love. Think of it like a pinboard or bulletin board where you would stick all of your physical pictures for everyone to see. It’s basically like that, but online instead. Of course, you don’t have to share any pictures you put on Pinterest. It’s just an option if you find something you want to share with anyone. Pinterest is also great for discovering more images you would be interested in because it’s one of the most visited sites on the Internet. There are easily over 2 billion searches every month.

So, What is the Point?

It can be said that the point of it is to really help those who are visual thinkers. The entire site is all about looking, collecting, and sharing visuals, so the argument makes sense. On the other hand, the point of Pinterest could also depend on what every individual is looking for. There is an unlimited number of uses for Pinterest, and the point of the site is highly dependent on a user’s needs.

The Point for Individuals

As an independent user, you might wonder what you could possibly do on Pinterest. It’s all just collections of pictures and maybe a bit of description about the collection. Here are a few ideas that provide a point for using Pinterest:


Some people use it to collect images they want to eventually get or do, sort of like a wishlist. You could turn that wishlist into organized categories, such as how you want to decorate a dream house, or put together outfits that you absolutely need in your life. Your wishlist could be anything: Food you want to try, places you want to visit= literally anything.


It’s also great for creating visuals that inspire your career or hobby interests. We all have something that motivates us to continue chugging along, and Pinterest is a great site that can provide the visuals that inspire you the most. If it’s pictures like the poster of a cat hanging from a branch that reminds you to keep hanging on, Pinterest undoubtedly has plenty of similar images to keep you going. Or, if you find inspiration by looking at tantalizing images of ideal vacation spots, trust Pinterest to have all the vacation spots you could ever want to visit.

Personal Storage

Others use it to store their favorite memories because it’s someplace safe for these important images. Over time, we’ve all lost some precious photos for one reason or another. Some of us may have lost them after moving a few times within a year, maybe others lost beloved photos because a kid accidentally threw them away when we weren’t looking. Things are bound to happen, and have already happened to a lot of us. Plus, let’s not forget the disappointment when you lose pictures that were stored on the phone or computer that was lost or wiped. At least with Pinterest, there’s no panic about potentially losing mementos of these fond memories.

What Is The Point of Pinterest for Businessmen and Women

That said, we’re still just scratching the surface on the matter. Users don’t have to be individual persons with a need; some users can even be businesses, or business-minded individuals. Pinterest’s potential for businesses is just as vast. All it takes is looking at the site like a visual thinker. For business purposes, the point of Pinterest can be to generate sales or increase credibility with customers. Pinterest can also be used by business-minded individuals to keep track of what’s trending.

Browser Traffic

One major point Pinterest offers is the ability to showcase products and services in a way that viewers want: Pictures that are easy to understand and hard to dispute. It’s especially great for business because Pinterest is extremely popular and regularly browsed. This gives businesses an easy means to advertise themselves without having to spend thousands of dollars because it’s literally free traffic that can, and often does, lead back to the business website.

As mentioned before, a lot of people spend time on this site every month. With how often people browse the site, it’s a fair assessment to compare it a search engine, but for images. As long as the content is good quality, it will always be seen. As long as it’s in view, there will always be people to save and share it among their own circles, further improving the popularity.

Browsers are Buyers

Because it’s so well-traveled by browsers, the odds of converting browsers to buyers are favorable. This is especially because businesses can cut out the middleman between discovery and purchase. They just have to add a link to the product’s purchase page, and anyone who happily stumbles upon the shared image will have the instant gratification of buying the product right then. Because of this, it’s easy to argue that Pinterest offers the most versatility compared to other social medias. Once a person decides the product is something desired, the found image can be saved, then shared to the individual’s followers. This often leads to a chain of conversions from browser-to-buyer potential. All without the business having to force advertisements!

The Point of Pinterest depends on Your Need

The point of Pinterest depends on you, the user. It can be whatever you want it to be; whatever you need it to be. Is it inspiration you need? Then the point of Pinterest is to inspire you to do your best, get that project going, or to try that amazing recipe everyone’s been talking about. Do you need to visually organize your thoughts and ideas to make sense of your next move? Pinterest can help you do that and keep you on the right track. Are you a business trying to generate traffic and improve sales? The point of Pinterest can be just that.

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